Monday, May 11, 2009

Painting 'Memories of Max'

I like to see how things are done, especially how painters develop their work.

Ever since I got my Canon Rebel digital camera, each evening before I leave my studio, I've taken a picture to document my work in progress. Then I'd transfer the daily image to my computer where I can store the image, review what I've done, and plan what I'd like to accomplish the next day.

Beginning with day one, here are 10 of the 26 daily photos I took documenting my progress for an oil painting I've recently completed called Memories of Max. This painting is a diptych. I used two 18 x 18 birch panels.

Max, our Borzoi, died when he was only 2 years old suddenly and tragically. The vet, inexperienced with the delicacy of Russian Wolfhounds, gave him too much anesthesia to attend to a minor cut on his paw. I wanted to include as many images of him as I could in this painting so we could remember him as fully as possible.

The last image is the final version of the painting.

Memories of Max

diptych, oil on two 18 x 18 birch panels

copyright 2009, Bonnie Spiegel

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